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When we collect personal information from California residents we become subject to, and those residents have rights under, the California Consumer Privacy Act or “CCPA”. This section of our statement is used to allow us to fulfill our CCPA obligations and explain your CCPA rights. For purposes of this section, the words “you” and “your” mean only such California residents. What did we collect from California Residents? We collect the following categories of personal information: identifiers such as name, address, emails, and other similar identifiers; personal information described in subdivision (e) of Section 1798.80 We do not sell, and within the last 12 months have not sold, personal information to third parties.
Rights of California Residents
You have the following rights under the CCPA, in summary disclosure, access and delete. More information can be found here. It’s important to us that you know that if you exercise these rights, we will not “discriminate” against you by treating you differently from other California residents who use our sites and mobile resources or purchase our services but do not exercise their rights. You can exercise these rights up to two different times every 12 months. To do so, just contact us at [email protected] or Call us at (310) 504-7705. We may ask you to fill out a request form. The CCPA only allows us to act on your request if we can verify your identity or your authority to make the request so you will also need to follow our instructions for identity verification. If you make a verifiable request per the above, we will confirm our receipt and respond in the time frames prescribed by the CCPA.