Hold Policy We offer the option for members to place their membership on hold during times of no use. In order for us to be able to provide this option at no cost, we need to enforce all aspects of our Hold Policy. To clarify, please note the key points below: · All memberships can be placed on hold for up to (6) months. · After (6) months, month to month memberships are terminated, and member can rejoin at current rates whenever ready to return. Commit and paid in full memberships are reactivated. · Except in cases of illness or injury with a doctor's note, YOU MUST PROVIDE A MINIMUM OF (30) DAYS ADVANCED NOTICE TO HOLD/FREEZE YOUR MEMBERSHIP. · Monthly memberships can only be put on hold for 1-Month increments.
By selecting 'Yes' below, I understand CrossFit Cedar Grove, LLC's Membership Hold Policy. I understand that the maximum time I can put my membership on hold is (6) months. I understand that for memberships billed monthly I am required to provide (30) days advanced notice of my bill date or I will be billed once more before my membership is placed on hold. I understand that for contract memberships, months placed on hold extend the contract for an equivalent amount of time to the months on hold.
By selecting "Yes" below, I understand that if I am requesting an immediate hold due to a medical reason, in order to waive the (30) day notice (1 more payment), I must email a doctor's note to info@crossfitcedargrove before my hold will be processed.
By selecting 'yes' I understand that if I filled out dates that do not meet the 30-day notice criteria, my hold will be adjusted to the soonest dates available as per the requirements of my signed member agreement.
By selecting "Yes" below, I understand that I will receive an email (5) days before my hold is ending. It is my responsibility to reach out to CrossFit Cedar Grove if I would like to extend my hold. I must also complete a new hold form to do so.
By selecting 'yes' I understand that I am NOT CANCELLING my membership. Should I choose to cancel at a date in the future, I understand that I must complete a cancellation form and I am subject to all aspects of CrossFit Cedar Grove, LLC's cancellation policy.
Requested Date of Hold - Please note: 30-days advanced notice of your next bill date is always required per your member agreement. If you select a date that does not meet this criteria, it will be updated to the soonest available date. THIS DATE MUST BE THE 1ST OF THE MONTH FOR ALL MEMBERSHIPS PAID MONTHLY.