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Here, simply give us a general idea of the project (book, poetry, music) and what you are looking to have created. It's ok if you aren't completely sure yet.

We will forward a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to your consultation for your comfort and confidence that we will not share your project concept or story.

Here, simply give us a general idea of the story or concept.
We will forward a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to your consultation for your comfort and confidence that we will not share your project concept or story.
Custom Arts Studio’s work has been collected by three Philadelphia museums and has been featured in numerous online and print publications.

All Custom Painting Projects includes a unique serial number, hand embossed Certificate of Authenticity for your records and, if an oil painting, a FREE 12-Month Varnish Service Certificate.

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Sofa with various sized canvases on the wall for reference.
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NOTE: Project details that include additional fees: 1) customization (changing imagery, combining multiple images) 2) 2+ portrait subjects 3) embellishments (Culture Portraits available only size 16x20" & up.)
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Whether your business or organization needs promotional graphics or you need a complete brand refresh, we are here for you!
We will gather additional information during your consultation to be sure we have the full picture prior to providing a quote.
We will take an accurate measurement prior to forwarding your detailed quote.
LIVE Painting offers you the opportunity to truly make your event stand out and are perfect for open mics, fundraiser auctions and community events!
LIVE Painting bookings require a minimum of 2 hours and incur additional travel fees if location is outside of the city of Philadelphia, PA.
Paint Party Participants with their paintings and raffle poster
We look forward to creating a creative event for you & your guests!
Mobile Paint Parties require a minimum of 15 participants. Fundraiser events require a minimum of 20 participants.
Using industry standards and modern design, we enjoy giving businesses and organizations a space online that reflects their mission, core values and brand.
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Some ideas don't fit into a neat little box. We know! Sometimes you want us to paint on bowling shoes or create a ZOOM-style illustration for your work family. All good! Tell us about your amazing idea here:
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Please share as much information as possible about your business. This ensures that our consultation session is most productive.
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Custom Arts Studio does more than "post for you." Every new Social Media Managment client receives a comprehensive Marketing Plan providing the entire team with a blueprint to follow. Monthly meetings include analytics reports and feedback to ensure we stay on the same page. The information below gives us a snapshot of your business prior to your complimentary consultation.
Use last week's data and no judgement!
We will dig deeper and develop measurable goals at your consultation.
We believe that every success comes from a good plan. Our Marketing Plan process is comprehensive and focused on your marketing goals. Completing this brief survey gives us foundational information so we can provide an accurate quote for your service(s) after your consultation.
MARKETING TOOLS: Do you have it? Want it? Need to Update it (or Kill it)?
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