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ABN: 71 638 202 703
Registered business address: Unit A1/35 – 39 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
Summary Of Fees
The investment of this program is $1933 USD per month.
This is a 12 month minimum contract (with a '1st month love it or leave it' cooling off period at the start). We are working with you on moving towards your long-term goals, just as you can't put your dreams on pause, your investment in us cannot be placed on pause. There is always a right next thing we will be working on with you.
Our Guarantee
I'm that confident that our stuff works. In fact, if we don't get you leads within the month from our active live campaigns, I'll give you 200% back of your monthly fee. Boom!
OUR HOUSE POLICY - No Dickheads.
We’re in the businesses of helping as many people as we can to live their best life, and be proud of themselves. Not doing the hard sell, flogging gym memberships to people who aren’t right for your product. In the past we’ve worked with people who argue this or don’t believe this and who chose to exploit and take advantage of people. We’re not going to do that, it’s against our values, and will kindly decline to continue working together.
Please read our terms and conditions below and let us know if you have any problems.