Adoption Application - Dog
We are excited to help you find your new best friend! To see more about our process, requirements for adoption, and adoption fees take a look here:
How it works:
1. Complete your application
2. Adoption Coordinator will be assigned to you
3. Adoption Application will be reviewed and processed
4. If approved your Adoption Coordinator will contact you
5. You'll be able to select a pet you're interested in through our available pets page on the website.
Before you begin please have a photo of your current pets Vet Records.
This can take 1-2 Days or up to a Week depending on how quickly your personal or landlord references respond to us.
If Approved to Adopt:
Your Adoption Coordinator will contact you to go over the adoption process, put you on the list for this specific pet or begin matching you to pets that would be a good fit for your lifestyle!
We also have an Approved Adopters facebook group where we will post all available dogs. You will be able to comment interested when you see a dog that you would like to be considered for.
Let's start with your info!
**All communication in the beginning is via email so don't forget to check your inbox and spam/promotions!
*To adopt a dog, you must be at least 23 years old
Landlord's Info
Parent's Info
Other pets?
Tell us about your pets!
*Please understand we do not adopt to homes that have unfixed or don't plan to fix their animals unless a vet has advised against altering the animal for medical reasons.
*Answer truthfully! (we always find out in the end...awkward) This will not stop you from adopting with us but ensures we introduce the animals correctly.
*A simple photo taken on your phone is great. If you cannot upload photos in the application please email to [email protected]
Which are you?
Which pet are you interested in?
Let's find you a great match!
*Give us some details on what your looking for in your next best friend and we will work to find your perfect fit!
About Your Ideal Pet
*We ask these questions so we can find a dog that will best match your lifestyle.
*We ask these questions so we can find a dog that will best match your lifestyle.
Your References
Please provide two references. References can be a friend, neighbor, coworker, etc.
References can NOT be related to you, live with you, or be your significant other.
We will contact all references via email so give them a heads up to watch their inbox and spam folder!
A Few Last Items